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Getting Started with Pinterest for your business

Video: Getting Started with Pinterest for your business

Basics tips for underrating Pinterest and including Pinterest in your online marketing.


Hi guys this is Wasim from Alrayes Web Solutions. In this episode, I'm going to touch some points on Pinterest and what basically Pinterest is. Also touching some features of Pinterest, benefits of Pinterest and how your business can actually use Pinterest to really promote your brand.

As I have had a couple of emails, couple customers asking me, what is Pinterest and how they can actually benefit from Pinterest. So, in a nutshell, what is Pinterest? Pinterest first of all is a virtual pin board where you can actually share photos, share videos and compared to Facebook and Twitter is not all to do about yourself. Where for example on Facebook, on Twitter, on Google plus, if you went on holiday, you took pictures of your holiday; you generally share those pictures on these social networking sites. But on Pinterest, it's slightly different; you'd share products that you are interested in, brands that you relate, products that you are passionate about. So it's to do with more with products, about brand, about different styles compared to just taking pictures, randomly pictures of yourself and of your family members and of events that you've went to and sharing to social networking sites.

So yes, it is similar to Facebook and Twitter and Google plus but slightly different where you don't just share any old image, you share images related to your products and brand. And this is where businesses can really benefit and really promote themselves. Now, Pinterest hasn't opened up for businesses; they haven't actually got a business model in place yet. But I'm sure in the coming months or coming years they will have something for business -- business profiles where you can create your business profiles. But at the moment, it doesn't mean that businesses can't actually benefit from Pinterest you can still create an account and really push out your products push out the images and the services that you offer.

So yes, Pinterest is a virtual pin board, it's a bookmarking site, scrap booking as you call it, and it's a social networking site. So it's all in one mixed together and it's quite nice, it's presented nicely, and is very user-friendly where you can actually go on, see what boards you like and share images, upload images unto Pinterest. Now, at the moment, Pinterest is not open for public. It's only invitation only. So, if you would like an invite, just send me an email or mention in the comments below and I'll send you an invite.

Okay, what are some of the benefits -- some of the features of Pinterest. Now, once you have created an account, the couple of point that you got to familiarise with, and need to know how to do. So first of all, we know it as a pin board site. So, you can pin stuff; you can pin images, you can pin photos and as a business now, what kind of images would you like to pin? Now, if you're just a business let's say like a consultancy business, which hasn't got images and your business isn't related, it hasn't got much images in it, what you need to do is find out ways of how you can actually put some visual images into your business. Such as if you are actually an accountancy firm; now accountancy firm don't actually have products that they can upload. How would you benefit from Pinterest? What you could do is, first of all, maybe take images of your office, images of your staff, get your customers to leave you reviews and put those reviews in a visual way, so get a designer to work with you. Maybe upload, get a designer to create some visuals related to your business, related to your products, related to your services and upload them unto your profile. So it you are a business that hasn't got much visual in it, you need to come up with way of how you can actually really present your business in a visual way. Compared to if you are a retailer, that's quite straight-forward, you've got images on your website, you've got products in your website which you can easily upload unto Pinterest.

Then you've got boards. Board is basically, is a way of categorising or organising your profile. Let's say you're a e-commerce or a retail business and you sell various products. You sell jumper, you sell jeans, you sell shoes. So you can have different categories for different boards for each type of service that you offer and don't just keep the boards related to your business. Also create other boards related to your industry which you then share content other content on your profile. So, keep boards option; you can create as many boards as you like. And share regular content on boards.

Then you've got the follow option. Now the follow option is similar to Facebook, similar to Twitter and other social networking sites. If I'm a user, I go unto Pinterest and I like someone's profile, I can click on follow. Now on Pinterest you can either follow all the boards that they have or you can follow just a certain board or you choose the board that you like. So let's say that for example you're on a profile of a large e-commerce site or a large brand that sells various products. They sell, for example they sell jumper, they sell shoes, they sell handbags, accessories and I'm interested only in the jumper that they put on Pinterest. I can just click on follow on the jumpers' board and every time that board get's update, it will show up in my stream. So it gives the option for your followers to choose what kind of categories or what kind of boards to follow. And as a business, if you create a couple of options for your visitors it's easier for them to, it's easy for yourself to organize the pins and the updates that you put it also makes it easier for your followers.

Then you've got the re-pin option. Now this is what you want your followers to ideally do. Every time you upload a product or upload an image, you want them to be re-pinned. So the more and more times you get a re-pinned, it shows up on other people's network and other people's stream similar to the Facebook like as more and more people like you it gets shown up in different profiles. So re-pin is one of the options of Pinterest.

Then you've got like, similar to Facebook like, where if I like a product, if I like a brand, or if I like something that's been shared on Pinterest, a little heart comes up and I can click on it and shows I can like it and it shows in my profile of all the images that I have liked, all the products, or every post that I have liked.

Then you've got that fantastic option which is pin from the web. Now pin from the web, what that does is it allows your followers, it allows your users to actually pin from other sites. You don't actually have to be in Pinterest to update your profile. You can easily have a bookmark in your toolbar which if you are on a web page you can click on that and a new page pops-up which shows all the images on that page and you can choose which images you want to pin and choose the board that you want it pinned into. So you can choose the board and then you can pin into the board. Also, many of the social networking plug-ins in websites like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal have implemented pin option into the profile so you can actually pin directly from these plug-ins and scripts there are many scripts in the website now on the internet now which you can embed into your website and allow your visitors to pin directly from your web page. It's great for an e-commerce site, especially if you've got a pin option on your product detail page. So if a user's on that page, they can click on pin and that product gets pinned onto their profile with a link directly to that detail page, so in their network likes what they see they can click on that shared item and then come directly onto your product detail page and follow the check out steps. So, great for e-commerce sites; I would recommend that many e-commerce sites to actually have the pin option onto their detail page.

So, these are some of the features that you need to get familiarised with in Pinterest. Then you've got the benefits.

Now, how can a business benefit from Pintrest? First of all, social networking is getting more and more people, to know more about your brand. So it builds awareness. The more followers you have, the more likes you have, the more times the products get pinned from your website. So, you don't actually be or even have an account on Pintrest. All you can do is if you give an option to your visitors of your website to pin items from your website, you're building your brand because more and more people would've pinned your items. There's a way that you can find out how many items or how many links you've got back to your website. If you go to<>;
pinterestso whatever your domain name is after source put it in and it would come up with a page of all the links from Pintrest to your website. So it's a great way of finding who is actually sharing your content and how many links you actually got from Pintrest to your website. So another benefit is link back as I just mentioned. The more link backs you have on your website, the better for you in search engine it shows that you've got a bit of authority, it builds your brand and it's great for ranking {streams} such as search engine. Then the more likes you have, the more times your products or your images get re-pinned {builds a bit of clout}. And Pinterest is also great for research; now you don't have to have an account and share items. Let's say that you are a fashion designer or an interior designer or a clothing designer even just a general business. If you do some research find out what the latest trends are, what people like, what people enjoy, go into Pinterest, type in the topic that you want to search for, see what images come up and it's great for inspiration, great for product research, great for just general research and if you looking to learn something if you're looking into launch certain categories or certain products in your clothing brand, it's great to actually see what kind of items people actually like and what kind of items people actually share and comment so it' great for market research.

So, in a nutshell, what you need to do first of all is get an invite for Pinterest. Create an account and upload your image or your logo with a bit of description link back to your website. And then also get your employees to create an account on Pinterest because that way, they can also share products, share your services, share your products and images that you upload as business. And every employee will have their own network, their own personal network so again it's increasing your reach and getting more and more people to like about, to know about your brand.

Then create some boards, create multiple boards as I mentioned don't just keep the boards related to your business, create boards also related to your industry. Make them interested. Make people to like your boards and give them a reason to actually come to your Pinterest profile and see what you're actually sharing. So, don't just keep all about your products, share useful and products that your followers actually like.

Then, let everyone know that you're on Pinterest. Don't just create an account and wish that people will follow and like you. What you need to do is put a badge in your website you can get straight from Pinterest you can put a link at the bottom of your website or on the sidebar. Let everyone know on your Facebook account, let everyone know on your Google plus and Twitter account that you are on Pinterest. You can have a profile link to follow me on Pinterest on your websites. Let everyone know that you are on Pinterest. And once you've created an account, don't just keep publishing posts and articles again just related to your business or just your own stream. Also go out and like {out} photos of other people related to your industry. Re-pin photos and items and updates from other people and basically build a brand; get more and more people to like you. Get more and more people to follow you and do that and just go out and comment; comment on other people's photos and comment on other people's updates and video that they've put out.

So in a nutshell, this is what you can do from a business point of view on Pinterest: create an account, build a little bit of authority, get more and more people to like you and this way, it will increase your branding, increase your awareness and also it will drive more traffic to your website.

I hope you find this beneficial. You can also catch us on Facebook, on Twitter, on Google plus and also check our blog.

See you next week.

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