Tuesday, 24 April 2012

How to Design a Successful Mobile Cart Page

Mobile commerce is one of the latest breakthroughs for online marketers.  However, one of the major concerns among mobile marketers is how to create a positive conversion funnel for their online business, like the cart summary page.

The key points on creating a successful mobile cart summary page is the bounce rate, and how to avoid cart abandonment, clicks on call to action buttons, clicks on checkout button, and clicks to continue the purchase transaction.

It must be noted though that a mobile cart page’s design plays a significant role in the cart’s success.  Hence, it should be convenient and comfortable to use, easy to understand, and at the same time interesting and appealing for customers – for the purpose of increasing sales and profits.

Here is some key designing points that one will need to consider in creating a successful mobile cart page:

1. Create the right size of images - thumbnails must be large enough for customers to check and confirm if the product that you are offering is what she/he is actually interested in purchasing.  However, they need not be necessarily as large as category and poster size images.  You must also create appealing images.  And if possible, post different angles of product images.

2. Use Editing tools - most mobile cart website owners are not particular with editing tools.  Unfortunately, most fail to notice that having quality update tools is important, most especially when it comes to selling products that are sold in multiples.

right pieceThese tools are also helpful in creating successful calls to action, and secondary calls to action.  Buttons, such as Remove and save for later, although less important, may still prove to be helpful with remarketing, as this may be a way for customers to go back to the cart and click the checkout button this time - thereby avoiding cart abandonment.

Button locations are also quite useful.  So, you need to place your buttons near the area where the visitors take action. Highlighting the buttons may also help entice more customers to click the call to action button.

3. Clear Pricing - always remember that mobile screens are significantly smaller than computer screens.  Hence, product prices must be visible and clear for customers to see, in order to avoid problems with cart abandonment.  For example, if the actual product price is $90.00, but the customer saw it as $40.00 - then there is a high chance that the customer will abandon his/her cart after he realizes it later on.

4. Provide Cost of Shipping - you need to provide multiple shipping options to your customers, and provide clear shipping costs as well. Most mobile sites don’t provide shipping costs, which creates the problem as to whether they should continue the purchase or not, again increasing the chance of abandonment.

Customers might also perceive that they are paying a lot of money unreasonably for shipping costs, when in fact they are not.  Either way, this is another reason as to why they might opt not to continue the purchase.  Hence make sure to offer flat rates, discounts and clear shipping costs in order to make the customer aware as to how much the expenses will be for real.

5. Create strong calls to action - calls to action have a great impact and drive for your customers. Hence, you might want to prioritize your calls to action and design them appropriately and visibly.

However, you must be cautious with button shapes, sizes and designs on mobile devices.  Make sure that they do not look more like headers and page titles instead of call to action buttons.

You will also need to be careful as to where you will place your “continue Shopping” link.  As much as possible, it must fade into the navigation bar, and must be close to your “checkout” button.

Creating a different color for call to action buttons can also be helpful.  This sends the message to the customer that it is a clickable button and not just a page title or a header.  You can also attach a “secure” label to your calls to action button to assure customers that you have secured links – in order to entice them more to click your CTA button.

6. Provide multiple payment options - PayPal is one of the most popular payment methods for mobile devices, but it would also be helpful to attach other payment options for your mobile device, to cater your customers.  Remember the more the options, the greater the chance of making the sale.

Overall the design of your mobile site should be simple to use and attractive.

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