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Reasons Why You Should Use Google Checkout For Your Business

There has been a constant debate as to which payment method as to which among PayPal or Google Checkout is more effective.  Blogs and articles have been written about it - but the debate still continues.  According to many points-of-view, PayPal is slightly winning the war, because of its many features such as its being more business and user friendly, its popularity, its international recognition and others.

Google checkout, on the other hand, has also had its fair share of comments such as the following:

Google Checkout Problems

It requires registration with Google – while most third party payment systems require a certain registration, there is a difference between the registration process of PayPal and Google checkout.  With PayPal, customers register with their existing email information (whether Google, Yahoo, etc.), while Google checkout requires clients to create a Google account first before they can register with Google checkout.

Though the entire process in creating a Google checkout account may be easy, some customers do find the extra step in creating Google email ads, time consuming and would rather go for a faster registration method such as of PayPal.

It can’t be used to purchase on eBay – for some reasons, eBay does not allow payments using Google Checkout on its products, limiting the options of Google checkout subscribers who are eBay buyers.

It’s Interface is not that user friendly – this is actually a factor which is why new clients are hesitant to register and use Google checkout, which resulted to Google suffering major losses. Most Google checkout clients complain about the bad navigation and other issues that make them use other payment method instead.

It is not linked to bank accounts – Google checkout limited its subscribers by linking only to credit cards and debit cards, without including bank accounts. However, it would have been a major pull for additional customers if only the company decided to provide multiple banking links to their accounts.

Instead, they only matched PayPal’s system of matching credit cards and debit cards to their account to make purchases - which at times, can be a big problem, most especially for international consumers who do not use American Express and other cards.

Google Checkout Advantages

As an online businessman, however, it is a must that you are able to offer the most complete payment methods in order to entice more customers to support what you have to offer.  Hence, it would be to your advantage if you offered both PayPal and Google Checkout for your site.  Here are some specific reasons as to why you should do so:

It gives your customers an option – this is a valid option, so your business can cater to customers who are using either PayPal or Google Checkout. By utilizing both payment methods you can receive payments from customers using Google checkout – while at the same time, you can still connect with clients who insist only on using only PayPal as a payment method.

Besides, although PayPal has monopolized the third-party payment process, with its 164 million users - Google Checkout has likewise gained its fair share of users.  Hence, it would be best to cater to both parties.
checkout counter

Google is a Global name – although it may be true that PayPal is winning over the third-party payment by a wide margin - Google Checkout is still finding ways to improve their system, and we all know how Google works (example: no one thought that they would overcome Yahoo, but they did).  Besides, there is the chance that those who have not yet subscribed to PayPal might want to create an account in Google Checkout instead – which makes it an advantage if you can offer this method to them as well.

Google has always proven that it will constantly find ways to improve their system – which is why having it can be a big help in your brand promotion, and can it be a very suitable choice for future businessmen.

Google Checkout is mobile ready – the latest innovation of Google is that it supports Android applications, an operating system designed for android phones that allows customers to make payments and purchases while on the go.  And as you may well already know – mobile users are growing more and more each day.

In the end, with the ongoing ecommerce revolution all over the world - you do not want to be in a position where your customers cannot make any purchases on your website because your site only supports PayPal payments.  After all, the more complete your methods are – the better your sales will be.

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