Sunday, 6 May 2012

5 Successful ways to do Mobile branding

Mobile app businesses are very familiar with the importance of mobile branding - primarily because this will dictate if the business will be moving forward, backward, or remain in “park mode”.

In order to efficiently succeed in your mobile app campaigns, one will need to have a complete understanding of how mobile app branding works - and then work on the specific actions necessary.  Besides, doing things in haste as you create and promote your mobile app, is not fool proof.  In fact, you might encounter numerous problems if you are not careful enough.  Hence, you need to come up with a quality and error-free mobile app to brand before you even attempt any branding and promotion of your product.

Always remember that mobile apps have been created in order for customers to have a much better and convenient experience during browsing - making things more fun and comfortable for them, even while they are on the go or when they are mobile.

Now, most successful mobile app brands have this unique feature that separates them from others. And this is because they offer a different experience to users that they simply cannot have with other mobile apps. So, if you want to create this experience - you have to introduce innovations and breakout of the traditional mobile app features that usually go along with other brands.

On a more important note, you must also focus on the needs of your customer.  This way, your mobile app becomes a necessity for your customers – leading to more profit on your part.  Of course, as a mobile app promoter you will need to be consistent with your mobile app’s quality, speed, uniqueness and user friendliness in order to deliver the best service to your customer and to guarantee satisfaction in the end.

Here are some simple tips on how to successfully brand your mobile app:

1. Always remember that you exist to satisfy your customer and that your customer is the boss.  And although they might not be right most of the time, you must aim to satisfy their needs - take that out of the equation, and you might as well go find another business to run.

Give your customer more value that what they paid for.  This way, they keep coming back for more of your products.  Besides, as we all know, a satisfied customer is a happy customer – and the happier he is, the higher the chance that he will purchase the products or apps that you’ll be releasing in the future.branding

Also, make sure that your product, aside from being fun to use – needs to have that distinct function that the customer will need.  Why?  Because if he or she does not find any use for your product, then the tendency is that he or she might look for other apps that provide the features and other functions that he actually needs.

2. You need to acknowledge that the key to your mobile app success is your customer. So, in order to gain support, you need to analyze current trends in the market to keep up with the competition, while at the same time to retain your customers. Previous satisfied customers will always check your website as to what’s new, and if they find something they like, then you can be assured that they will make the purchase.

As soon as you have that list of trends and those that you believe are what your customers are looking for, then you’ll be able to create a marketing plan around that information – in order to finally design your own updated and innovative mobile app brand.

3. Consider the pros and cons of all the mobile apps that you’ve created.  Mobile platforms have different strength and weaknesses and they function differently - so you need to plan on how to improve them to generate more customers.

4. A mobile app that is unique, easy to use and has multiple functionalities is always on top of the mobile app business. And in today’s competition where most mobile apps have pretty much the same features, then you can at least try to ensure that what you put in the table will not be the same as what others are offering.  In other words, be different.

5. Make sure to test your product before releasing it to the market and check if all of its features are working.  Check for bugs and errors and correct them ASAP before it goes out in the market and provide the necessary updates constantly.  Through these, you can rest assured that your mobile app brand campaign will become as successful as you want it to be.

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