Tuesday, 8 May 2012

How To Optimize Your Mobile Apps

Mobile optimization is another field of SEO which although foreign to new internet marketers, is starting to gain its own popularity due to the numerous benefits that it brings.

The difference between SEO and mobile optimization is that in optimizing search engines what is required is different set of web designing and developing skills.  In designing and optimization of mobile apps, however, what is needed is careful planning and research in order to fully understand the different features and limitations of different mobile devices and their unique platforms.

And after developers are done with the design and the development stage - the next obstacle that they will have to face is how users can locate their app.

Here are some tips on how to successfully optimize your mobile apps:

Make your app search-engine friendly – your app must be easily located by search engines such as Google and Yahoo – which means that you must specifically optimize your mobile app for search purposes.  Fortunately, optimization of mobile apps for search engines is like doing regular SEO – so, it’s won’t be that hard for SEO experts.

Use the right keywords and links – make use of keywords that are constantly used by those who are interested in searching your mobile app or those which may be related to it.  In other words, you will need to tap in to what your users are actually looking for - so your mobile apps can be easily located by them.

Another factor to take into consideration is that you need to build credibility.  You can do this by being visible through links and social networks – which is essential for gaining popularity and awareness from users, and at the same time, for the promotion of your mobile app.  Again, this is pretty much doing regular SEO, because you’re optimizing a site where the mobile app can be found.

Create a quality content related to the mobile app your promoting – search engines do not have the ability to understand and open a mobile app to know what its content is – so, you need to build content around that mobile app which search engines can crawl on and locate when users are searching for mobile apps.

Submit your app to various app stores – this is one way to get the word out and reach users that are not into going to search engines to look for mobile apps. This is specifically for customers that would rather go directly to mobile app stores than spend time searching it on Google.

Remember though, that when you’re submitting your app on online mobile stores – that you submit them in the right category.  This is because there are several categories in mobile app stores, and customers usually click on buttons by categories in order to save them time.  Hence, choose the category that best describes your app to ensure that it can be easily found.mobile app

Use the right title – you need to use right title that identifies the website’s title tag and URL where the app is being hosted – for this affects the keywords and phrases related with the app.  Also, make sure that you use a title that not only describes your mobile app but its function as well, in order to give the customer an idea of your apps’ features.

Create a short, concise and direct description on your description field - when writing information on your description field, make sure that you can attract your target audience with the information that you provide. Usually, words that are in description fields are also optimized for search engine spiders. So, use description words that are usually used by customers for searches..

Improve the page rankings of the site that hosted the mobile app – as mentioned earlier, you need the hosting site and the mobile app itself to be search-engine friendly.  After doing this, you will then need to increase the page ranking, so your site can be on the top of the search engines page when users are searching for mobile apps.

Build links – the links’ purpose here is pretty much the same with SEO link building- which is to increase awareness for your mobile app and to promote it. Hence, you need to build links for your brand’s official website in order to prove its credibility and have links to the app store as well, so that clients can purchase your mobile app.

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