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Ways To Create Effective Twitter Community

In Twitter, your community is the fuel that drives your profile, your life line, and the strength that defines the overall success of your Twitter account.  However, before creating your Twitter community, you must first need to determine what you will be using your account for – whether it be for business, for brand promotion, for simple conversation or basically to increase your networks.  This is because by having a clear objective you can create a motif for your profile which is tailored-fit for its purpose.

And after you have made a clear objective - then you can now create your very own Twitter community. If you want, you can follow these simple steps on how to create your Twitter community effectively:

Create a relevant, decent, and user-friendly ID

Your Twitter ID is your personal Twitter name and your brand – so, as much as possible keep it simple, understandable and decent. In creating your Twitter ID, you can choose whether you will be using your own name, or your brand name, but either way, you have to choose based on the objective that you created.  However, it is suggested you use your brand name if it’s business and if it’s for network purposes, then you use your complete name.

Also, you must avoid profane or indecent names, unless you’re in the rock and roll business or in the adult industry because not only does it sound unprofessional, it will definitely scare Twitter followers away.  Likewise take into account that you are allowed only 140 characters per Twitter post, so the longer your name is, the lesser characters you can use in your post.

Look for people to follow

Twitter users are encouraged to follow people that you don’t know or never met, as part of its social culture. Search for individuals with common interests and likes - like for instance if you are into extreme sports, race cars or movies then find people who share the same interests as you.  It would also be advisable if you followed professionals who are experts in areas that you find might be useful to you in the future.

Learn the language of Twitter users

Twitter has an existing quirky language of its own – which is usually the set of words that most Twitter users use. So, for you to completely join in the conversation, it is best that you understand what they are saying. If you are still new to the network, then you can always ask what the words mean.

Get to know individuals that reply to you

It is always best to create a rapport with individuals who are polite enough to reply to your post and messages.  Not only will this send out a more professional approach but this will also show that you appreciate his/her feedback.  Besides, these are individuals who also appreciated your content and post. But although this may be easy at first - expect that as your followers increase and you get more replies, tracking them will become a bit harder to track.

Fortunately, there are existing applications that you can use to track messages and replies coming from followers.  You can choose between TweetDeck, Tweetscan and other programs to check for replies, or you can use Google alerts to inform you of any updates or messages.

Reach out to your followers

reach outAs much as possible, interact and respond to your followers’ post and messages quickly.  You can always say something to your followers, but make sure that they won’t feel that they are just following an automated account, or that you are someone who doesn’t actually read their comments.

From what I’ve personally learned, people are more into interesting and entertaining contents, with relevant comments coming from other followers.  So, to make them feel that you are not just randomly posting contents - you can always reply with words like “yes I agree with you” or “interesting input.”

Find out the information of those individuals that follow you

This is a very important tip.  In order to avoid you starting off with wrong comments, then it will be helpful if you get to know the people who are following you in order to make having conversations much easier.  Hence, for example, if a follower is into old cars, then you can send him links about old car parts, that can result to dialogues and conversations - which is actually what Twitter communities are all about.

Promote others

The motto “the more you give, the more you receive” also applies in Twitter. If you share posts coming from individuals that follow you, helping them to increase their followers – then they will in turn do the same thing for you – which means free promotion and at the same time, an increase in credibility and support.

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  1. Twitter should be viewed as a two way street. You can't expect other people to share your content if you aren't sharing the work of others. It's about forming a sense of community and actually getting to know your followers.