Sunday, 13 May 2012

What To Avoid When Doing Online Video For Your Business

Online video for business has become more and more a necessity not only for online businesses but for offline business as well.  This is in light of the fact that every company will need one at a certain time, while others will tend to need more than just one over a certain period of time.

Primarily, online videos are needed for business promotion and ads, as well as for instructions and tutorials. Fortunately, with today’s technology - creating a business video isn’t as difficult as it used to be.

Just remember that what is important is the content of the video and the approach that you use to do it.  Hence, you must be very careful with the message that you project so it can aptly describe your business a lot more clearly and in a more positive light, and you will be able to spread the word a lot more effectively.

Here are some aspects of online video creation that you might want to know:

Promotion – your video won’t get any viewers if you don’t promote it. And this means that where and how you promote your video must be done correctly.

Most of the online videos of companies are only found in the company’s website.  So, ask yourself - how one can see that video when customers don’t have an idea that that business exists?

Hence, you need to promote your videos like you promote your business itself.  You can do this by promoting in social networks, posting it in YouTube, attaching keywords to make it search engine friendly, and distributing it to other related companies with the corresponding links and other strategies – all of which have designed to increase views and traffic to your videos and your website as well.

Creation – in creating an online video, the message is the most important element.  Hence, in making a video, you must make sure that it has relevance and everything in perspective.

You can’t just put a picture of a shoe in your video and the voice of a narrator talking in the background if you are promoting dog food, right?  In other words, if customers find irrelevant content in your videos, then your promotion campaign will be stopped in its tracks outright because your customers won’t really bother to finish that video anymore.

online videoThe key is to create interesting and creative storytelling, as well as the proper presentation to entertain and inform your customer.  Hence, before making the video - you will need to brainstorm your ideas and entertain different types of presentation that will best attract your customers, to send the message across.

Furthermore, you must take into consideration the different aspects of video making, such as timing, logistics, branding and the types of platform to use.  Take note that although anyone can make a video - making a business video is a wholly different thing.

Skill and Talentcreating a video can be simple, fun and exciting - if you’re only planning to post videos of how funny and talented you are in YouTube. Creating a business video, however, is a bit more complicated. So, it is advisable that you either learn as much as you can about the craft – or, you can let professionals handle it.

Just remember that making a business video needs the necessary equipment, software and experience.  Unfortunately, some businessmen believe that they are all filmmakers - and that all they need is a camera and that’s about it.  But this is not really the case.

Of course, there are those who have actually made successful videos on their own.  So, let’s just be honest. If you really feel that you can do a good job it - then go ahead.  If not, then hire somebody who actually knows what to do.

Test Run – test your video with your friends and listen to their comments.  In this way, you can assess the areas that you need to improve on.  Ask them about the message that was conveyed to them, or if they do they found the audio clear, or if the words used were understandable and all other aspects.  In the end, what is essential is that you are able to get a glimpse of how your future audience will perceive your video.

These are just some of the things that you might consider if you are looking to make your own business video.  So - camera, lights, action!

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