Sunday, 3 June 2012

How Increase the Click through Rate on Your Twitter Account

Do you want to increase your Click-through rate on your Twitter?  Here are some things that you might want to take into account:

Create attractive headlines – like most blogging websites, you will need to create headlines that attract attention so you can get clicks on the links attached to your blogs. Your headlines must always persuade the reader that he/she needs to click the links to get more information, and to get more content.

Keep things interesting.  This thought applies in online marketing, especially when it comes to click through rates. Hence, you need to create enough mystery and intrigue to keep visitors curious, so that they will continue to read your content and click on your links.

Use the right words – Users on Twitter usually look for good contents through Twitter feeds. But in case they can’t find what they are looking for - they will be using the search box, to search for the latest topics that they have in mind.

So, you will need to use the right keywords that most of your audience will probably be using when searching for contents and topics – in order to make your tweets search-friendly.  By doing so, this will increase the exposure of your content, as well as the click through rates of your content.

Use Hashtags - hashtags are a set of searchable keywords in Twitter. It’s more like tagging the keywords with the hash sign (#) before the keyword, making it easier to be searched in Twitter. This method is more like using the right keywords - but the difference is that not all Twitter users are familiar with hashtags.  However, to maximize the potential for success, it would be best if you used both methods accordingly.

Post content at the right time – getting a large amount of clicks with your post requires timing.  So, make sure that when you post your content - most of your audience are online to click on your posts and tweets.  In other words, it will be helpful for you to know the usual time that most of your followers are online, in order to increase the chance of them clicking on your links.

Participate in Twitter conversations - get involved in chats and conversations about topics and subjects that you are knowledgeable in.  This way, you can share some of your contents, which would promote clicks on the links attached to the content that you shared.attractive image

Twitter chats are usually visited by people who are looking for information and those eager to know more about a certain topic.  Fortunately, experts on certain subjects are usually present on Twitter chats – and this can be a good way to promote your content to other people.  Why?  This is because if they are impressed - they will probably retweet your content, and this will increase your CTR accordingly.

Avoid flooding your followers- create sufficient spacing between your tweets to avoid flooding to your followers.  This is in line with statistics showing that CTR may decrease if you continue flooding your followers. In other words, make sure you have enough time gaps between your tweets.

Find ways to get more followers –it is a fact that the more followers you have the more exposure your Twitter account gets.  And the more exposure means higher CTR. Also take note that more followers will mean more retweets, which will mean additional audience from the followers of your followers, again, making you closer to your goal.

Create the latest and best tweets that you can – if you regularly tweet the freshest and quality tweets all the time - your followers will constantly click on your posts, retweet and promote them to their followers as well, which will lead to an increase of your followers.

Avoid tweeting irrelevant content.  Remember that your goal is not to disappoint your audience, in order to entice them to keep checking your contents out.  After all, good quality and fresh contents get clicked and shared, while bad content gets no attention at all.

Tag others in your post – you can tag others in your tweets using “cc@username”.  This way, your posts can be viewed by the followers of those that you’ve tagged.  Besides, tagging others creates a connection to users, and this can help you make his/her followers your own as well.  And again, this will lead to higher CTR for you and your account.

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  1. It's important to tell followers what's in it for them. Instead of posting only a title and a link, include a call to action. If you are re-tweeting something, add your insights on the topic or why they should click.