Tuesday, 5 June 2012

How To Increase Followers In Tumbler

We all know that to make your tumbler account an effective tool for ecommerce, you will need a lot of followers to view and follow your promotions and marketing ads.  After all, in order to succeed therein, you will need to treat it like having your very own posters and billboards placed on areas with a high density of commuters, so that they are made more visible to a large audience.

Here are some useful tips on how to increase your tumbler followers:

Buy your way out – whether you believe it or not, you can easily acquire tumbler followers by buying them – which is actually one of the easiest and fastest ways to get an increase in the numbers of tumbler followers.

One of the best reasons to buy tumbler friends is that you will not need to exert too much of your time and efforts in inviting followers – which may take some time. So, with buying followers, you will have extra time to do other stuffs, like managing other online businesses, brand promotions and other activities.

Follow subscribers so that they will follow you back – as you may be aware of, there are certain applications in social networks that are dedicated for your own set of friends.  And by following other users of that application, you get followed in return.  One of the methods to make this work is to constantly post shoutouts everyday to get noticed by those users that you already followed and vice versa.

Like, comment and reblog other posts – this is one of the most common techniques in getting additional followers.  This is a method to let other subscribers know that you exist and that you are interested in the type of contents that they post.

When you like other people’s posts, your name will appear with everyone that also liked that post – which means you get additional exposure. Furthermore, this will also be an opportunity for you to follow these individuals and you will probably get followed by them as well, primarily because you belong in the same set of demographics.

So, you have to make sure that you immediately hit the “like” button every time you find any post interesting. Once you start liking other posts, you will notice that new followers will appear in your profile and you will get multiple likes for your post as well.  Afterwards, you can also add those individuals who are not following you yet.

Reblogging is another method to gain exposure to other users.  This is because when you reblog a post, your name will be appear on the other users who also liked that post.  And usually, those people will likely view your tumbler blog and check out if it is interesting as well.  Again, the main concept in this technique is to send out the message that you exist and that you are interested with the same things.

Create interest for your followers – create contents that will not only grab the interest of your followers but will also create the thought that your tumbler is worth following.

Create updated content, and post them immediately. By being the first to post something about a certain subject, this will send the message to other subscribers that they can get the freshest content from you, which will then result to them deciding to follow you.follow

Also, make sure you choose a theme that will best describe the intent of your tumbler – so that you can give visitors a glimpse of you Tumbler account’s content.

Post pictures – although photos and images equally get the same attention compared to any interesting headlines - a recent study, however, showed that tumbler accounts with more pictures tend to get more likes compared to accounts with limited photos.

In some instances, other tumbler users would post sexy pictures to get other users to follow them. Now, although this may be an effective strategy at first - but when that follower finds out that the tumbler account contains bad content, he or she will eventually unsubscribe to that account and this will only defeat your goal.

Create new and entertaining posts for your niche – always remember to stick with a specific theme in all your post and contents.  This is because most of your followers are there because they are interested in the specific genre of content that you are offering.  If you decide to change your subject, some of your followers might unsubscribe to your tumbler account because they might later find it no longer interesting.

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