Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Ways To Increase Followers On Google Plus

To those who are not familiar with Google Plus, it is Google’s newest social network.  However, what separates it from other social networks is its openness and its features which allow you to share and engage with contents of other people - making it a very useful tool for brand promotion and networking.

Besides, it is a fact that you will need a steady amount of followers to increase your influence and get the word out about your brand, right?  So, increasing your Google Plus followers is vital.  Here are some useful tips on how to increase your followers accordingly:

Create multiple accounts on different social networks, then invite them to your profile in Google plus.

This is one of the most basic steps to increase you Google Plus followers.  This is because some people who have social network accounts such as Twitter, Tumbler, and Facebook, may not be that familiar with Google plus yet.  Hence, you will first need to increase leverage using your other social network accounts.  Facebook is one of the social networks that you can start with.  Let’s say that you have 2,000+ friends in Facebook and you invited 50% of them, and 50% of that amount joins your Google plus profile - then you already have additional 500 followers.  You then do the same thing with your other social network accounts.

Segment your circles

Google Plus has a unique feature that is similar with “Facebook list”, wherein you can group your friends as “family”, “friends” and so forth.

Google plus circleThe only difference here is that on the Google Plus circle, you can actually create and segment your circles, meaning you can make certain content available for a certain circle while keeping it hidden from other circles.

With this feature you can segment your followers and invite them in different circles, so that you can post newsfeeds that are of interest to that specific circle, making your status updates more easy and effective.  This means that you can invite different sets of people with different set of interests to your profile, and then increase your followers through the specific circles that you have.

Direct posts and comments based on the contents shared by each circle.

When you’re done segmenting your circles, you will also need to follow individuals in the circle – so that you will likewise be updated with conversations by people who added your followers to their circle.

You can then direct other people’s attention to your comments by typing “+” and then the person’s name - so you can call them out to be part of the conversation of a certain circle from your account.

Once you have created a link to these persons by calling them out, they will then be notified via email, which will grant them an opportunity to check out the conversation and make a reply. This is also one of the cases where other persons that are engaged in conversations from individuals belonging to your circle will get added in your circle.

Put you Google Plus link within your other social media profiles.

This creates more exposure not only in your Google Plus account but for your brand promotion as well.  Remember that as your influence increases, so will your followers and friends.   You will also have more individuals joining your circles - and the more circles are created and as the numbers grow, more people will be adding you in their other social networks, resulting to a far greater influence and will direct more traffic to your Google Plus account.

Create and share contents with Extended Circles

Another unique feature of Google Plus is that it allows you to share contents with extended circles.  An extended circle refers to a circle from other profiles which individuals belonging to your circle are also followers.

With this, you can click the link “+add people or circles to share with”, which will then give you the ability to choose the name of the circles you want to share your content with, or the friends of your followers.  This can be a very useful tool in increasing your followers, because obviously, it grants you an opportunity to reach out to people beyond your network.

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  1. People need to be given a reason to follow you in Google+. If the messages that you send are the same as the ones that you send on Facebook, there is really no need to follow you in both. Tell them what they will be getting that's unique by following you on Google+.