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Get more Retweets for your Twitter

Getting retweets from a follower signifies that you have created an impression - and this is important especially if you’re promoting a brand or a product.

Because of this, numerous online businesses have invested much on their Twitter content in order to get their share of retweets.  However, you can actually get more shares by simply following these simple steps:

Right timing – timing is essential in creating a post on Twitter, and you have to pay extra attention in your timing in order to get your tweets shared.  Also, you have to make sure that when you tweet – that your followers or those that might be interested on your post are actually online.  Otherwise, your posts might appear at bottom of their Twitter pages when they get online – and this will mean a lesser chance of your posts being seen.

To monitor what time most of your followers are online, you need to check the common times that they would post comments and tweets themselves. Afterwards, create a list and a schedule - so that you know the actual days and time that they will be online.

Share your tweets – on the contrary, sharing your own tweet or retweeting is not considered “spammy” if you post it at different times or days. You have to take note though, that you if have followers abroad, then expect that they will have a different timeline. So, for them to view your post without having to scroll up and down your profile, you might want to consider reposting your tweet.

The intention in reposting your own tweet is to reach out to other followers that might appeal to your post but are not online at that time; strategically it is best that you retweet after 8hrs, to hit other timezones.

It can also be an option to create a specific Twitter page for different timelines.  However, this strategy might divide your followers.

Pay attention on your content – this tip has been said again and again - and I would like to repeat it one more time. Though this is basic in any online marketing and promotion - many marketers still fail to create the right content for their page.  Always remember that once you create the right content, you won’t be having any trouble increasing retweets of your posts anymore. But the question is: how does one create the right content?

First of all be relevant, try not to copy contents coming from other pages, especially those promoting products similar to yours.  Try to be helpful to your followers and create a necessity to read your content.  This will make your followers remember you often.  And if you have multiple helpful posts – the higher is the chance of getting those tweets shared.

Entertaining and informative posts get a lot of retweets too. So, you have to make sure that you post something that is new and fresh - and avoid posting those that have already been mentioned too many times on the news.

Link your post - Provide links to your post, and to your previous posts. This way, if the reader likes the posts that are linked to your post, then you get twice the retweet - both from the post linked and the post itself.

Proofread your post – make sure that you edit your post. A simple mishap on spellings and quotes, or the choice of words used, could greatly affect its impact on your readers. Take note that the less positive the message sends - the less chance that it will be shared.

Also, edit your work carefully.  In this manner, you can avoid errors altogether. Don’t be lazy and make sure to check and double check your content. Also, try to ensure that your punctuations and grammar are right. Another thing: do not get your tweet reposted just to be ridiculed. Hence, be careful with what you have to say.

Create descriptive headlines – this type of headline will not only help you get more retweets, but it will most probably get you more views and traffic as well.  Why? This is because descriptive headlines tend to be more search-engine friendly.

It would also be helpful if you made use of adverbs and adjectives on your description that will send out a much stronger and distinct message for your readers.

Post a topic that encourages discussion - in this manner, you will receive more comments on your tweets and you will get followers who may be sharing their opinions on a matter which you may have initiated.  Again, this will result to more traffic – and retweets.

So, these are just some of the things that you may want to consider as you go and try to explore how your tweets can make your business endeavors a success.  In the end, what is essential is that you are able to make the most out of what you started out to do.

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