Tuesday, 31 July 2012

How to Use HootSuite for business

Social media is now widely used for brand promotion and other business purposes. However, organizing it can become quite a difficult task, knowing that each media has its own specific roles, while at the same time, also needing each other to achieve a common goal – which is to increase traffic and to gain more profits.

In relation to these, among the most common challenges for businesses today is updating individual social media profiles in the most effective and efficient way possible. This is where Hootsuite fits in.

Hootsuite is a web-based mobile app used specifically as a social media management tool. Over time, it has increasingly gained popularity not only because of its user-friendliness but also because it is free. In addition, it grants users the ability to control multiple social sites with the help of their mobile devices.

So what are the ways to use the Hootsuite mobile app for your online business? Here are some aspects of the app:

1. To Increase Security – Hootsuite has come up with a security feature that allows managers to keep and monitor access to accounts. This is in line with the fact that as the company and its members increase in number - it will become quite difficult to monitor the existing accounts of active or inactive members.  However, by having a feature that allows managers to add and remove individuals no longer part of the team (without the need to change passwords) it is now easier for managers to keep complete and full control over accounts.

Hootsuite is specifically made to manage multiple social media accounts, making it a very good choice for marketing organizations. And as more members become involved in a single organization, and as it continues to grow over the years – the security of these social media accounts become even more important.

Other security advantage of Hootsuite:

a. It has a secure profile feature which allows users to accept or decline tweets, messages and posts coming from other social media users.

b. It also has security feature which allows users to ensure that they are clicking on the right account by asking for multiple confirmations – to avoid sending or getting a message by mistake.

c. It has a “team collaboration” tool, which is actually a feature that grants the user the ability to continue having an online presence for different social network sites. In this manner, members of a team can coordinate, share, plan and designate tasks among fellow team members.

2. To Have Faster and Easier Campaigns – with Hootsuite’s dashboard, tracking marketing campaigns and brand promotions are much easier because it allows users to create a schedule and the type of content that they want to have monitored.

For example: You can schedule up to 50 messages coming from a Twitter page, LinkedIn and Facebook, so you can regularly address these messages as they come in.

You can also create specific tabs for messages, posts, tags, newsfeeds, notifications and hashtags - and organize them differently according to specific social media, like for example, a set of tabs for Twitter and a set of tabs for Pinterest - to categorize and monitor each. In turn, it will help you assign the followers you want to monitor.

3. To check and monitor reports – Hootsuite has its own analytics, which gives out reports on how your social media campaign is doing. You can use this to present known facts on how your social market has progressed to clients. Factors such as increase in followers and tags are just some of the data that Hootsuite can generate reports on.

It also allows business to have data on the effectiveness of their marketing strategy, by helping monitor traffic and URL clicks, giving you ample time to adjust a strategy if ever you feel it is not working to your advantage.

4. Tool to increase followers – because of its ability to monitor multiple social networks, it allows you to invite followers from other sites to join your other sites. Hence, your followers on Twitter can add you up in Facebook or Pinterest, or the other way around.

These are just some of the things you need to know about Hootsuite and how it can actually help you with your business. By following these, you’ll be able to take advantage of your social media campaigns and you business operations – even when you are mobile.

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