Sunday, 8 July 2012

Is Your Online Business Mobile Friendly?

Everywhere you look, you see individuals with smartphones, and not everyone is talking on their phones these days, some are browsing the net, catching up on emails, or using some sort of an application. The days where we used to use mobile phones just to makes calls are long gone; mobiles have now become a major part of our day-to-day lives, (I cant imagine an hour without my phone).

Mobiles have made our lives simpler, with new applications and technology things that used to take awhile to do can be done in couple of seconds, and most importantly it can be done on the move, we do not have to be in front of our desktops.

For example, I was at the bank the other day, paying an invoice. I forgot the actual invoice at home, the cashier needed the invoice number, thanks to my Smartphone and Evernote, (where we store all our receipts) I was able to login and get the invoice number to pay the invoice.

If this was 10 years ago, I would have had to drive back home, collect the invoice and drive back to the bank…Painful – yes.

When setting up your business, one key point to take into consideration is how your business will use mobile technology and adapt to mobile users. You can see Facebook has more Mobile users than desktop users, and in their recent updates they have mentioned that they will be focusing more on Mobile user experience. Which makes sense as more of their users access the website via smartphones.

Mobile Friendly Website

When designing and building your business website, one key element to consider is how your website will be viewed in mobile devices. Depending on your business model and the industry, it may be worth while also investing in a mobile version of your website, as a standard website can look difficult to view and navigate on a mobile phone, which can result in poor user experience. According to a recent survey from Compuware, 40% of users have turned to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile experience.

When designing and building your mobile website, keep it very simple and straight forward, generally mobile users do not tend to surf the internet for hours and hours, they and normally looking for something, so if you could keep your call of actions very visible in front your mobile visitor, your conversions rate would be much better. A good mobile website to look at is, where the mobile website is solely targeted to order pizzas, for more information user has to view the desktop site.

Google has also taken a role in pushing mobile friendly websites, one can find a ton of information at, on how their website looks on a mobile device, and also guides on going mobile.

If you have a website, look into your Google analytics and view how many users are actually viewing your website via mobile deceives, this will give you an idea of how important it is to have a mobile friendly website.

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