Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The benefits of a Trademark Registration

Many businesses come to the conclusion that registering a trademark is an extra cost and will be of no benefit to their business, especially small to medium businesses. Indeed, in the current economic climate costs need to be cut and pockets need to be tightened, but the registering of a trademark can prove to be a profitable move, it could also give you that peace of mind, knowing that if someone else copies your trademark legal steps can be taken in order to stop them.

Having your trademark registered gives you the exclusive right to use your trademark in UK for the goods and services in which it is registered.

A registered trademark has numerous advantages, below are some of them:

1.  Your registered trademark discourages others from using the trademark without your permission, however If you do not register your trademark, you may have to rely on the common law actions which tend to be complicated and costly to run.

2. Having a registered trademark, makes it much simpler for you to take legal action against those who uses your trademark without your permission.

3. You can use the ® symbol to warn others off your trademark.

4. Allows Trading Standards Officers or Police to bring criminal charges against counterfeiters if they use your trade mark.

5.  Your registered trademark becomes your property which may be sold, franchised or licensed to others.

6. Registering a trademark can also give your business “brand recognition”; you can make use of it as a marketing tool so that customers can identify the product of a particular company. A perfect example of this is, what company springs to mind when you see a tick on a t-shirt or clothing or when you hear the name of the soft drink “coke”? A long term ideology needs to be implemented, for instance, take the company “Colgate” this brand has become so famous and widely spread that consumers often refer to toothpaste as the brand “Colgate”.

So why not make a minimum investment to reap the maximum benefits of a trademark.

Bond Adams Solicitors have offered all Alrayes customers assistance in trade marking their logo, helping you do right by your business. For expert advice on trademarks, contact our Intellectual Property team.

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