Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Tips to increase Viddy Followers

I’m pretty sure that almost everyone has their very own social network profile.  In fact, most individuals have at least an account on one or two of these social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumbler, etc.

Since social network users keep growing everyday – and since more users are shifting from pc to mobile browsing, it is inevitable that there would come a time when a social networking will become a mobile app.  That day has come.

Here comes Viddy, a video-sharing mobile app which allows users to post 15 sec videos and share them to all social networks that the user has signed-up with using just mobile phones.

Another great thing about Viddy is that it has similar features with instagram – which means that users who are familiar with instagram won’t be having too much of a difficulty using the program. All that you have to do is scroll from left to right to view your videos and as well as those of others.  It’s actually as simple as that.

However, like most social networks - Viddy requires followers and friends, in order to gain popularity, to use it as a platform for business and for brand promotion.  In other words, it’s actually like promoting your business thru Youtube - but instead of transferring the videos from phone to pc, you can directly send your videos thru your phone.

As I mentioned earlier, you will need to gain attention to get more followers. Here are some simple tips to make this possible:

1.Attach a Profile picture – we are quite aware that like most social media sites, having a profile picture is required (although optional). However, if you don’t put a picture – this will eliminate the purpose of having a social network account, right?

Besides, if you were ever invited to follow an unknown user without a profile pic - would you actually follow him or her?  I doubt it. So, if you want to use this platform for ecommerce – I suggest that you put a profile pic and if possible, put some important details as well to give out an impression of credibility.

2. Get involved – remember that Viddy is an android app that allows you to take and directly upload videos - so try to make as many interesting videos as you can. The purpose of doing this is to increase your video list, and to constantly entertain your followers.  By doing so, you will be able to get recommendations from other users and their friends - thereby increasing your followers in no time at all.

You can also play with Viddy’s multiple features to bring out different presentations of the videos that you posted. At the same time, this just will also make you an expert in creating Viddy videos.

3. Follow other users – just like in Twitter, Viddy allows you to follow other users, most especially those with the same interests as yours.  You can also make use of hashtags to search for individuals who belong to the same demographics.

 4. Interact with other users – post comments on other users’ Viddy accounts. Once you do this, your comments will also appear to the followers of that account - and depending on the significance and relevance of your comments, there is a big chance that you’ll gain more followers over time.

5. Respond to your followers – always take the time and effort to make individual and personal responses to the comments made to your Viddy account, or to reply to the comments you’ve made on other Viddys. This is to start building rapport and to build your reputation on the Viddy world. And once you build your reputation, you won’t be having any problems with inviting other people to follow you.  In fact, in some instances, you might even be surprised at how some people would follow you without you even inviting them.

You can also “like” other Viddys that you find interesting or entertaining – and most probably you’ll get 3x more likes in return. Most users hate individuals who expect likes on heir videos but don’t like other videos in return. So, if you find videos you like, don’t be embarrassed to like them - because it will do you more good than bad, and it may even increase your followers.

These are just some things that you might want to take into account when looking to expand your horizons with Viddy.  So, what are you waiting for?  Go and start “Viddying” now!

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