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5 Tips to Make Guest Blogs Work for You

All bloggers know the power of guest postings, and how it can turn a blogsite’s popularity around. Although there are those who say that this strategy doesn’t work all the time – it’s most probably because the proper strategies weren’t applied accordingly.

The difference between blogging and guest blogging is that for blogging per se, you create content and post it to gain followers. For guest blogging, on the other hand, you create content, post it on your blog and share that content to other bloggers - so they can post it on their sites, resulting to twice the readers compared to basic blogging.

Hence, it is a fairly good technique for traffic generation. However, it can become quite tricky if you don’t know how to make it work.

Here are 5 simple tips on how to make guest posting work for you:

1. Create Clear Goals – Don’t just write blogs to create traffic. Instead write blogs to entertain and keep followers posted on what are new and trending. Reaching your goals is your ultimate objective. So, pushing through without one is like sailing without a map, a compass and direction. In addition, success is based on how far you’ve come close to your goals. And the closer you are to your goals – means your strategies are actually working.

Create short term goals (like increasing followers) and long term goals (like retaining and increasing number of followers). By doing so, you are able to increase conversion and of course, profits.

          Here are some example questions to ask when setting goals:

a. What do you want your blog to be after a few years?

b. Do you want more readers and subscribers?

c. Do you want to increase sales using your blogsite?

d. What do you want to achieve by guest posting?

Take note that the answers to these questions will give you an idea as to what your short term and long term goals are. You can then base your strategies and moves from there.

2. Build an Email List – guest postings and email lists work side by side. This is because there is always a set of readers that will constantly check out your content, and marketing to them would be an excellent move on your part.

Don’t waste quality content without gaining anything from it. Create email leads, so you can market your product or send links to your company website. Through this, you are not only able to create a greater following, but it will also allow you to market your brand effectively.

3. Create unique content – let’s face it. Of all the contents you find in the web, there are many which are most probably not original. Don’t commit the same mistake. If you find an interesting idea online, create unique content from it, and create posts using it - but presented differently in another angle. This creates intrigue on the part of the readers, and this will entice them to read on despite already having an idea as to what you’re saying.

Choose your topic carefully and write as many interesting things about it as possible. Take note that though there may be posts similar to what you’re writing about – but if yours is more detailed and interesting, you will have more readers.

In addition, when your content is shared by other bloggers, it tends to be presented in a different way to their users. With this, you are able get more exposure while at the same time, helping you increase traffic and have better optimization.

Tips on how to create unique guest posts:

a. Create different formats of writing

b. Use subheadings

c. Use bullet points to make them standout

d. Use interesting words when describing something

4. Be a blogger – don’t just create content and share your content to other bloggers. Create your very own blogsite. Though this may sound funny, but many blogsite subscribers don’t really have their own blogsite, or are not bloggers at all.

There are some bloggers who create blogs, but since they do not have a blog site – they just write content and post it to someone else’s blogsite.

If you’re into guest postings, you need to have your own blogsite in order to link out. Guest postings can only work if you’re a blogsite owner, if not, then you might to reconsider this strategy.

5. Make an offer to your readers – Bear in mind that adding affiliate links to your post is not allowed by most bloggers, and it would result to the non-posting of your content to their blogsites. However, you are allowed to make an offer to readers.

Take note that you are being featured on a different blogsite. Hence, by being creative, you can persuade readers to follow your blogsite - where you can then sell your product or services directly, or you can entice them to support your company in some other way.

These are just some of the things you might want to consider when planning to do guest blog postings. Follow them, and you will see an increase in viewership and traffic, which can help you have a more successful campaign in the long run.

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