Tuesday, 25 September 2012

5 Easy Steps to Selling Your Very First iPhone App

The iPhone app industry is in a growing rage. This rapid growth has caused the demand for new and innovative applications to surge up. Fortunately, with the availability of iPhone app development tools and technologies, anyone can just create or hire somebody to create new iPhone apps that can be registered at an app store and sold at a profit.

Here are 5 easy and practical steps on how you can have an iPhone application that’s guaranteed to sell:

1. Brainstorm for brilliant app ideas. In a market where there are thousands of products competing for the approval of customers, the success of your venture will heavily depend on the idea that you came up with. Your application must be original, unusual and highly functional.

2. Study your competition. The heavier the competition is, the harder it is to sell and promote your application. Ideally, it is better if you find a specific niche with high demand but a relatively low competition. Meaning, avoid making apps that most of your competitors are already making.

This type of high-demand-low-competition category may be hard to find, so if you find yourself settling with whatever niche is readily available, choose one with the lowest competition as this will give you guaranteed profit.

3. Find a reliable iPhone app development company. There are a lot if iPhone app development companies out there. Do a quick search online and come up with the top 10 you’ve stumbled.

Do a preliminary background check on each of them, have a look on their testimonials page and check out the services and development packages solutions they’re offering. From the original list of 10, short-list 3 and then do a more thorough background check. You can directly contact the 3 companies to enquire about their services and development solutions.

4. Hire the company of your choice. After comparing the credentials and services of the companies on your short-list you should be able to pick one that stands out.

Sit down with the developers and clearly relay your iPhone app idea. Be clear about your goals, how you want your application to be, and what you want to achieve with it.

You can also have the iPhone app development company help you finalize your app idea or enhance it with their inputs.

5. Start marketing your finished product. The very first thing you will need to do here is to have your application listed at an app store. Then, you’ll need to take initiative and do your own marketing. You can start promoting your app on social networking sites.

Spreading the word by telling your family, friends and acquaintances about it can also be an effective way of marketing and promoting the app.

Taking advantage of the many business opportunities created by the rising popularity of iPhones is a very smart business move. Start right by arming yourself with a brilliant app idea, the right approach, the perfect iPhone app development partner and the perfect marketing strategy.

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  1. Wasim.. I agree with your phrase that iphone apps are on rage. And what a detailed plan you have outlined here.. this would truly help my friend who's in the development field. I'm going to share your idea with him. And I'm looking forward to your equal quality work in future posts too. :)

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