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Generate leads with Google+

Social media can be an effective tool to generate leads to your website, leading to an increase in visitors and of course, profit for your business. Google+ is one of the most popular social media available in the web today. And though it has not gained that much popularity compared yet compared to Facebook and Twitter, it has certain features that makes it quite attractive.

Google+ has some similarities with the Facebook platform, but its distinct features, such as its easier interface, easier sharing of content, Google circles, and hangouts to name a few, make it an effective tool for lead generation and brand promotion.

Here are some tips on how to use Google+ to generate leads:

Link your Google Adwords with Google+ - always remember that when people like your content they will click the “like” button, telling you that they enjoyed or they find it interesting. Each time a visitor clicks the “like” button it is an equivalent to a “+1”. And since every “+1” made will appear to multiple Google accounts, such as its search results, Adwords and other platforms, then it will result to more exposure on your part.

Another advantage of linking your Google campaigns with Google+ is that your colleagues, friends, family, existing customers and fans can click the “+1” button to show their support, which will again result to gaining the attention of more visitors.

How to link your Google Adword Campaign to Google+:

1. Create a Google+ Page

2. Verify your website page so you can link it with your Google+ account

3. After it is verified, you can now add a Google+ badge to the link of your website

4. When the pages are linked, you can now create social extensions to your Google Ads. Usually, visitors are recognized by Google as the one who made “+1” on the page, and is directed to the landing page of the website linked. In effect this will generate the leads that you need.

Share Content – Sharing content is one of the most basic and easiest forms of generating lead, and it also applies to Google+. Try to create content that is interesting and which encourages reaction and discussion from visitors. Always remember to create your very own signature in your content, so that visitors can distinguish that the shared content is actually yours. To do this, use the same language, fonts, and writing format in your posts, so you will leave a more personal and distinct message to your readers.

Aside from sharing your contents, share other contents as well. Every time you mention other posts, you get “+1’s”, and you also get more exposure in search engine results because your name appears next to the name of the owner of the post you shared.

Always remember that the more contents shared, the more links are being shared to potential customers. Obviously, this will increase traffic to your website

Types of content that you can share:

1. Blogs

2. Pictures and photos

3. Infographics

4. Flash Ads

Get involved with your Circles – Google+ has a unique feature called the Circles, which is much like a group in Facebook. But unlike Facebook groups, each circle is a specific demographic. Hence, you can create a specific marketing strategy that applies to a specific circle and use another strategy for other circles.

Create a “like” button and a Google badge - a click on the like button is “+1” so how would you know if you have a “+1” if you don’t have a like button?

Attaching a badge to your website makes the link appear in the side or in the front of your Google+ page, making it more exposed to viewers, thereby increasing the chance that the link will be clicked or shared by viewers.

Utilize Events and Hangouts – this much like Facebook’s RSVP – but with a much wider audience. This is because Google+’ events is connected with Google+ hangouts, as well as  Google’s search engine, Calendar and other supported platforms. Again this will enable you to have more viewers.

Followers are also allowed to share their experiences, comments, and pictures at the event which is not allowed in other networks. And because it is connected with the Google calendar as well, followers are constantly reminded of it as well.

These are just some of the things to keep into account when looking to generate leads with Google+. Just remember that the more leads you have, the more the profits will be. So, good luck!

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