Saturday, 8 September 2012

Structured Data In Google Webmaster Tools (GWMT)

Google continuously keeps on upgrading the GWMTs tool set by adding new features to the dashboard. Google recently added the "Structured Data" feature to the dashboard. As we are moving more to the semantic web, adding content in data format is the next important aspect to focus for quality search engine presence.

The term structured data refers to data that is identifiable because it is organized in a structure which helps Google to pick the content easily and correlate it effectively.

Google displays such content in the form of rich snippets in SERPs. Webmasters can click on the 'rich snippets' option to verify the content and get a preview also.Google is also indexing such content and GWMT structured data provides greater visibility in the form of 3 views – Site, item Type and Page Level.

• Site Level :

On the site level Google aggregates data by root item type and vocabulary schema. Root item type means an item that is not an attribute of another on the same page.

Site Level


• Item Type

On the itemtype level Google provides per-page details for each item type. Google also provides specialized preview columns to show more item markup.

Item Level


• Page Level

On the page level Google shows all attributes of every item type on the given page. Google also shows a link to the Rich Snippet testing tool for that specific page.

Page Level


Google extracts a variety of structured data from web pages like:

• Reviews 
• People 
• Products 
• Businesses and organizations 
• Recipes 
• Events 
• Video

Read about how to add structured data on the following link:

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