Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The Labs Section In Google Webmaster Tools And why No SEO Should Ignore It.

No doubt there are many SEO tools available online but no SEO can ignore the GWMT if they are serious about Google presence. GWMTs work for the webmaster and Google. GWMT not only give a lot of information about how Google views and indexes your site but Google too gets a lot of technical information about the websites on a platter which helps them to work on the search algorithms.

As the name suggests this section has tools which are at the experimental stage and as Google clearly states on the Google blog that:

• These features are experimental and can be a little rough around the edges; they may break at any time.
• Similarly, they may disappear temporarily or permanently.
• They may work so well that they graduate and become regular features.

These features keep on changing as some of them graduate to become regular features and some may be eliminated totally if not found useful at the experimental stage. Webmaster interaction and feedback about these features helps Google get answers to the following queries regarding these features.

• Should Google continue developing it?
• Is it useful?
• Did webmasters have any problems using it?
• Did webmasters find a bug? Webmasters can post their queries and feedback on Webmaster Tools discussion group.

 Currently the features in this section are:

•  Author stats: This shows search statistics for pages for which the webmaster is the verified author. Google is piloting the display of author information in search results to help users discover great content. As content and authorship become more important for determining quality content and determine authority sites based on quality content. Author stats will become increasingly important and this data shared by Google will help webmasters get a reality check about the authority status.

Custom Search: This feature harnesses the power of Google to create a customized search experience for your own website. This ensures a Google search box on the site opting for custom search and helps the user search the web or the site or additional sites or pages as customized. it even gives an option for adding Google Ads. Or eliminating them from search results. Google gets to know a lot about user behavior and search intent from such searches and the site owner gets the benefit of offering the site search option to the visitor by just adding a simple code .

Instant Previews: This tool compares your live page with Google's Instant Preview
Site performance: This page shows the  performance statistics of the site. You can use this information to improve the speed of the site and create a faster experience for your users. Go to Page Speed tool to find details on how to improve speed for a page. This feature gives insight on the average load time and  site performance data. As page load speed is becoming increasingly important to improve user experience , this data cannot be ignored by any webmaster or SEO.

But again as mentioned all these tools under the Labs Section are under development and can be prone to error the probability of errors and approximations in the data provided by these features  have to be kept in mind when coming to any conclusion . But these features are an indication about what aspects Google’s think tank is working on next.

The insights from this data helps the webmasters future proof the search engine presence if they try to incorporate these features on the site at the experimentation stage, so that when these features become permanent the site is ready with the latest SEO factors and can provide better UX and at the same time offer correct data and content to the search engine bots.

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