Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Tips in Creating Successful Mobile Landing Pages

A landing page is very important, most especially if you want customers to check out your products and services. Consider it is the same as the logo or print outside an offline store, where if one sees some very good posters outside that store, that person will be interested to come in. This is the same rule when it comes to an online business. When you have a good landing page - customers will browse your web pages.

Now, you might think that standard landing pages and mobile landing pages are optimized the same way, but the truth is they are quite different. So, if you’re into mobile marketing, make sure to optimize your mobile landing page right.

Here are some useful tips on how to create an effective mobile landing page. These are simple steps that you need in order to understand your customers and how you can design your landing page to create conversions.

Make transactions fast – it is a fact that online buyers can be the most impatient customers in the market today. However, take note that mobile online buyers are more impatient compared to standard online buyers. They want business transactions, downloading time and the buying process - fast.

Unlike standard online buyers who have the time to browse over pages to compare prices and other aspects, mobile consumers don’t have the time to go over details. So, if they want to make a purchase, they want it done fast. Hence, in order to convert these people into customers, you need to comply with their demand for speed.

Tips on what to do with your landing page:

a.  Attach buttons on your landing pages, buttons must be in the right place for easy use and click.

b. Provide complete information, to guide customers as to what to do

Create an Objective - before creating your landing page, you need to create an objective or goal. These will serve as the blue print as to how your landing page will be made, as well as the changes needed to achieve this objective.

Whether your goal is for lead generation, backlinks, mobile apps promotion, product promotion, downloads and etc, your landing page must convey the proper idea to your audience. You can do this by giving them a preview of what is in your website.

Compared to standard landing pages where the information is viewed in a desktop computer, laptop, notebook, tablet and other devices - mobile landing pages are viewed in a much smaller screen, which means there are limited characters you can use for your landing page. So, you need to pick the right set of words to describe your business.

Whatever may be the business, you need to generate the following:

a. A call to action to ask for additional information, inquiry or to make a purchase.

b. An SMS, where the message creates interest for your product or to acquire contact information for email listing

c. A way for prospectors to visit to your company website

Make use of Online Analytics – as mentioned, your objective is to generate responses from your audience. The next thing to do is to look for tools to measure these responses. You can then assess if the optimization of your landing page needs to be redone or not.

You can find free analytics platforms online. These well help you in tracking your progress, your optimization efforts and customer responses.

Having a metric system can be helpful in tracking the following (among others):

a. online coupon redemption

b. calls

c. SMS generated by your landing page.

Call to Create a Simple Action – usually standard landing pages require visitors to fill out forms, asking for their, names, company, address, email address and etc.

For mobile landing pages, that is no longer effective.  What you need to do is to create a headline, and hope that it will be enough to get audience attention, and entice them to open your page.

Effective way to create a headline for mobile landing page:

a. Look for a single word that best describes your business. Use that word for your headline.

b. The headline must only be a single sentence.

c. Attach a phone number which customers can call or text.

d. Attach a field for customers to put their numbers in.

e. Keep your headlines concise. Also, bear in mind the limitations in words, so make each word count.

f. Attach a call to action statement in your Headline. Ex: “Call Now”, or it can be bullet words and not really complete sentences, ex. “FAST, CHEAP and EFFECTIVE”.

Take these things into consideration when creating your mobile landing pages. Remember that the mobile industry is getting stronger each day and the more you are able to take advantage of that for your business, the more you’ll be able to benefit accordingly.

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  1. Great advice Wasim, a clear objective and a strong Call-to-Action really are vital for any mobile landing page.

    One other bit of advice I'd add is to always do testing on your landing pages to continuously optimize them.

  2. Thank you (excuse me, English is not my mother tongue), I find your article well structured, but I think you are biased in your approach to this issue. This is usually the case with this type of subject, the controversy is never far away. Regards, Gerard