Tuesday, 16 October 2012

iPhone App Development - From Vision to Promotion

So you are visualizing an iPhone app idea that you think is the “next big thing’. What will you do next? How will you get your visualized idea realized into an actual and tangible product? And when you actually have the app developed for you, how do you introduce it to the market?

You may be the brain behind that “next big thing’, but, unfortunately it means nothing unless you can get it out of your head.  With that said, you are going to need help to get that idea out of your head and translated into a working design.

Hire a developer or iPhone app development company

First, find someone who can help you put your iPhone app idea into paper so that it can be protected and, ultimately, produced. You may want to consult a mechanical engineer who specializes in Design and Product Development, or consult an iPhone app development company who can capture and reproduce your thoughts.

Relay your ideas

After choosing your iPhone app development partner, tell them the details of the app you have in mind. Be clear with your requirements and be sure that your engineer or app developer understands what you want to achieve with the app.

Ask for a mockup design

In the early stages of the development process, a mockup design of the product should be presented to you. Tell your developers upfront if there’s something you want modified in the mockup. Changes on the later stages of the software development process can be costly and may even result in project failure.

The iPhone app development process

The importance of finding the right iPhone app developer cannot be stressed enough. Look over the portfolios of companies and do a background check before settling with your choice.

The development company or the developer working on your app should get all the requirements needed for your app to be listed at an App store. Apple rejects applications which fall short of their standards. If your app gets rejected, you will lose the opportunity of selling it and making money from it.

The testing phase

Before releasing your iPhone app to the general public, it will have to be tested first. Of course, your developer can do this for you, but if you want to be involved with this process all you need to do is download an iPhone simulator from developer.apple.com. The testing process will let you test your app from a user’s point of view. This is also one way of assessing whether you iPhone app meets the apple requirements.

If the testing process goes without a hitch, then this means you can submit the app to Apple for the “Ok”.

The final step

The final step is the marketing of your app. This is where your online community can be of help. Promote your app to the world by posting on social networking sites and other online communities you are part of. You can also create press releases and write blogs about your newly launched iPhone app.

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  1. Is there any website which provides list of genuine and most respected apps developers?

  2. Not sure about a website, you can always contact us.

  3. In some cases yes its very helpful for the campaign.but with it you capability to enhance client ideas bitterly and also get good view from the users.if apps will succeed than your title will be true.

  4. The iphone app can be good if the idea behind that app is good enough. So consult someone who can provide a good idea for an app.

  5. hmm good one.If we go through some decided techniques than we can achieve our goal.because i have used my own 3 technique with it i develop a mobile app and now i m going to launch it in internet.

  6. I agree that it takes innovation, user-friendliness, and utility. but you don’t have to be a programmer to make iPhone apps. You don’t even have to own a Mac computer. Some creative minds have come up with ways you can make apps that work both on the iPhone and Android devices with an intuitive development interface.