Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Quick Tips for Buying Android Apps

The Android market has tons of fun and useful applications, both free and paid. Before you can download and install any app, you will need to have a working Google account. The following are quick tips on how to go about downloading and purchasing android apps:

Sign up for a Google Checkout account. Visit the checkout.google.com, click “Sign up now” and fill in the required fields. If you already have an existing Google account, Gmail account for example, you can just sign in using your login details and then proceed by adding your billing details.

For paid applications, you need a Google checkout account and a valid credit card associated with it; for downloading any free apps, all you need are the details of your Google account.

Use your phone to buy apps. Go to the “Market” icon in your Android phone. If it is your first time accessing the Android market in your device, you will be asked to agree with the terms and conditions, which will appear right after you tap the “Market” icon. Alternatively, you can go to the Android market website and buy apps from there. You can then just send the purchased app from your PC to your android device.

Browse items by category or price. For a fast and organized purchase, you can browse applications by categories. You can also filter items and apps according to popularity or price by using the tabs displayed at the top portion of the screen.

See application details before purchasing and downloading apps. Tap on the app icon to find out more about the application you want to download or buy. You can also read a short description of the application, see screenshots and reviews before you decide on purchasing any app.

Buy the application. Tap the “Buy” or “Install” button to verify your details and confirm the purchase. Once done, the application will be directly downloaded to your Android phone. Just supply your Google account password if you get prompted for it.

Check the receipt of your purchase. Open the Google email associated with your Checkout account and check for Android Market purchase receipts.

Take note of the refund policy. One of the neat features of the Android market is that you can return a purchased app for a full refund. However, the grace period for returning an app is only 15 minutes from the time of purchase, so you have to decide quickly whether you want to keep the app or return it.

Also, take note that you can only return an app once. If you had been given a refund for an app that you have returned, but decided to purchase it again, you are no longer eligible for the a second refund for that same app.

If you do not have an Android Market installed in your device, you need to contact your device manufacturer or service provider to find out how you can download and purchase apps.

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  1. Good points shared here Wasim. I'll take care of these when going to buy Droid apps :)