Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Importance of Creating and Sharing Content

Everyday online thousands of new pages are created in the forms of blog posts, new websites being launched, news articles, press releases and the list goes on. All this content are being submitted online for a reason regardless of what format they are in (text articles, videos, and audio...etc).

Some of the reasons

1. New companies/individuals/establishment setting up their presence online.

2. Existing entities enhancing their online authority and brand

3. News and information being given out.

So all this information and pages are being pumped daily online, but who does it benefit, why is so much content being created? Well we've heard over and over again Content Is king, but the key is not just about producing pages and pages of content, but creating something unique and beneficial for your audience.

If your audience are intrigued with a simple two line quote than may it be, or if requires you to create a funky video that goes viral like Gangnam Style which was the first video online to get over a billion view in a short span of time, it could be so. It does not matter what you create, but if your audience find it appealing, creative, and unique (something that has not been done before) it will give you the exposure and the benefit you company is looking for as long as it relates to your organisation.

“Content marketing is the only marketing left.”- Seth Godin.

Why is it important for others to share your content

Well for your content to get maximum exposure and to go viral you need as many online users to share, talk, and like your content. SEO has evolved over the years and it's not as simple as acquiring a few hundred or thousands links and achieving good rankings in search results and good all days :).

One of the ways for your business to create exposure online is getting other users  to share your pages and content (create a buzz - get everyone to talk about you), but it all boils down to whether they want to share your content or should we say it's worth of sharing. Hence the importance of creating unique content.

One of the most cost effective ways of generating a buzz online is content marketing in any form (text, video, Audio with transcript) to boost you SEO, to boost your presence, and to just be loveable.

Key points to consider to make your content sharable.

Easy: Make it easy for your visitors to share your content, it's amazing how many sites you visit but one has to actually search and look for the share button. Many website owners get overwhelmed in how their site looks and invest allot of time and effort into ensuring the site looks appealing, but forget the core fundamentals of why they are actually having the website. There is no point in having a site that only appeals to you, the site needs to work for your audience, it should be as dummy proof as you can make it, and easily shareable - look at your site from the eyes of your audience.

Place your Twitter, Facebook, Google plus share buttons in a prominent position where its visible to the eye. No point hiding it below the footer and below the fold.

Unique: The articles and the posts that you create should be unique, no point creating something exactly the same as what your competitors have done, it will defeat its purpose. Create content that is unique and different. Yes this means to think outside the box, work on your words and on your presentation. Have you ever had the feeling where you are reading something, and start to think boring.

It's all about me baby: Many companies fall into this trap, where they only publish content about themselves, we can all love talking about over selves, and how great we are....but the reality is that its only us that are interested. The audience (visitors) are not interested at all, they want something that will benefit them and relate to them. So when creating content do not just think, it's you that's going to be viewing and sharing the content. Create for your audience, put them in the light lime, and when setting out to create your online content consider how will this help someone out there on the web.

Frequency: Do not be a one hit wonder. Yes one good content can go viral, but now you have set the expectations, your audience are expecting another and another fantastic content being thrown at them. Best way to this is to put together a content creation calendar and follow it religiously.

Timing: The timing of when your content goes live has to be bang on, no point publishing something when most of your targeted audience are in bed, it's like shouting out at the corner of Hyde Park in the middle of the night, very few will notice you if you're lucky. Your content should go live at peak time, when most of your audience are expected to online. Within your industry and locality you will be able to figure out when most of your targeted visitors are online together, and that's the time you should be showing them your content.

Intentions: When creating your content do not keep in mind that you are creating it for the search engines and for SEO (yes that's the overall goal, which falls into place in good time) but in fact you are creating it for your audience, for your visitors, to pass useful information to others, to help someone online. Having the right intention will show in your work, and you are more likely to create something form your heart.

As a business what content can I create.

Many SME's ask this question

- "I do not know what to create"
- "what should I talk or write about"
- "I can't do it"

Well yes, nothings easy, if it was everyone would be superstars and famous. Consider it this way, if you want to build your brand and authority online, start creating.

Some ideas for your business:

- News: Anything new related to your industry or business, why not be the first point of breaking the news.  Over time, you will have an archive of information. This will also show other that you know what's happening in the industry overall, and it's not just about your company.

- Tutorials: Show your expertise by creating online tutorials, showing others online certain simple tasks that will benefit them, and build your authority online. You may be thinking NO, I do not want to share all my business secrets, but it's not about giving away your secrets, - I'm sure you have head "you have to give something to gain something". You are just creating simple guides that your audience (customers, visitors) already know, but you are showing them how to do it correctly, and for the more advance and expert stuff of course they would resort to your services and expertises.

- Testimonials: Everyone gets feedbacks from customers, why not create something from your customers feedbacks and testimonials, it a starting point.

Podcast: Depending on your industry, you may want to consider creating a weekly, monthly or a quarterly podcast, again sharing with others useful information.

Infographics: One photo speaks a thousand words, everyone likes visual graphics, once in a while put together some facts about your business and industry and create a Infograph.

- Videos: Video topics could range from anything mentioned above in a form of a video, which you can publish YouTube, Vimeo and others building your brand on these platforms.


Creating content in any form is though - but it's worth it. Once you start to produce quality content from your business, you will soon start to others sharing and liking your information. Always talk your customers language, so that its relates to them.

All the best in creating and sharing content online.

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