Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Put Business Pinterest Analytics to Work

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Have you ever wondered how your business website’s images are engaging your visitors? Having several images on your website does not truly guarantee that you will keep your visitors engaged and kept on your page even with all those social media buttons. You can place these tools all you like, but how do you really know which of these are your best and charming website element? Knowing which is which can enhance and further place great emphasis and attention to your business.

Placing pictures to entice and fascinate your visitors can leave more to be desired; like hanging pictures of your products on the hallway of your office or even photos placed on brochures and advertisements – but how do you know which of these pictures take the eye of your clients?

Good thing we have Pinterest Web Analytics to help us out. Now with Pinterest for your website you can showcase your products and services and have a measure for your business.

How do you activate your business pinterest web analytics?

It only takes a few easy steps to get your business on pinterest up to speed. Be sure to have your pinterest for business account ready and verify first your website. Verifying your website shows you are a trustworthy source to other pinners.

  1. Navigate to your pinterest profile and click on the edit or pencil icon or go to the upper right corner menu and select “Settings”
  2. On the field for website, enter your web address then click on the button “Verify Website”
  3. Instructions will be shown on the next page which you need to follow. You can verify by using the HTML downloadable verification file or using a META tag.
  4. When your web site has been verified by Pinterest, you would note check mark icons on your site and site images.
  5. As soon as your site is verified, you can now check out the Pinterest Web Analytics at http://business.pinterest.com/analytics/

From the Pinterest Web Analytics page, you can see what other people are pinning from your website as well as tracking your pinning activities.


Take advantage of this Pinterest feature by switching to the new Pinterest website look. You can learn a lot from studying how your pinners are interested with your website images.

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