Tuesday, 6 August 2013

3 Steps to Start Your Business with Google Places

Author: Wasim Ismail

 From all over the world, people search for businesses on Google by the millions if not billions each day. Your business will benefit from Google Places for Business when they search for your business or locale by having your contact information available at their fingertips.
Just how do you start to set-up your enterprise in Google Places for Business? Whether you are a purely offline business or otherwise, it is in your best interest to have your company on the Google search-scape.

You should check out if Google has already an existing listing for your business, as there are a number of possible searches made for your business already. But if it’s not yet available in the listing, you can simple create a new business listing.

Here are the three steps to get your business up to speed with Google Places:

First is to login with your Google Account at Google Places for Business.

Your Google account can serve you for so many ways and here you should link your account to your business. If it is the first time that you have logged into Google Places, you will be prompted to provide your country of business and business phone.

Secondly, click on Add new business or Find Your Business.

Remember that you have to provide valid and real information such as a physical address for you to appear in Google Places. Otherwise, you might end up violating the guidelines for use of Google Places for Business. Everything you enter should be as accurate as possible for Google to verify the information that you enter.
If there is already information about your business in Google, you can edit the details and provide exact details for customers to reach you and go to your place of business. You can include your operating hours, accepted modes of payment as well as pictures and videos providing further details about your business.

And lastly, verify your list and click Finish.

Finally, when you have completely and accurately filled up the Google Places for Business basic information fields, you can select the method how you can verify your business. You can select from an automated phone call or a text message or even in postcard send to your business location.
When you have verified your business, you can then see your local business listing live on Google by signing into your Google Places account and clicking on “See your listing on Google.” You can view your listing as seen by users.

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